Cutting Room Floor: Book Titles

This is part of my series of material that I edited out from my books prior to publishing. I usually cut whole sections like this when I realize they’re redundant or don’t fit well in the context. This is copy/pasted directly from my draft files with no additional editing, just for fun.

Here are some book/series title brainstorming notes that I didn’t end up using.

Fun fact, you can trademark a book series name in the US, but you cannot trademark a single book title. I was initially aiming for a trademark-worthy series name, but gave up on that and just went with the obvious “3D Printer Engineering” descriptor.

Name ideas

“Printer apprentice” kind of play on words

A-print-s / APrintIs

3D Printer Journeyman

3DP Builder’s Guild

3D Printer Academy

3D Printer Engineering Guide

The Printer’s Compendium

Nozzle tips

The point of the nozzle

The Printer Builder’s Bible

How you slice it



Practical motion mechanism design

In the long run, search keywords trump most other things these days.