Pre-Orders Live!

After years of work, my book is finally in press! You can pre-order here for limited-time 15% off discount: 
This is a book for anyone who designs, modifies, or maintains 3D printers.

You can find some selected page spread images and full table of contents at the book info page here.

The first round of printing is supposed to be done in 1-2 weeks, so it will ship in December 2018. The early-bird discount is planned to end at that point. 

Table of Contents for Volume 1:
1) Introduction
2) Machine Architectures
3) Popular Machine Architectures
4) Frame Construction
5) Popular Frame Types
6) Motion Hardware
7) Popular Motion Systems
Further Reading

This is the first book in a whole series of 3-5 or more books. Volume 2 (Drivetrains) and Volume 3 (Stepper Motors) are fully written, but need illustrating and editing, and that takes a healthy while. So I think Volume 2 is maybe a year out. (I wouldn’t wait on more volumes to come out before you buy; I wrote Vol 1 to be a good resource on its own.)

Go pre-order now!