Volume 2 Progress

Right, it has been a while since I’ve posted. We moved house over the summer, which set things back a few months. I have been working furiously on 3D Printer Engineering Volume 2: Drivetrain Design over the fall/winter. It is fully written and partially illustrated. Chapter statuses:

  1. Introduction – writing/illustration complete, just sent out to technical reviewers
  2. Gearboxes – writing/illustration complete, just sent out to technical reviewers
  3. Screw Principles – written, illustration in progress
  4. Screw Construction – written, illustration in progress
  5. Belt/Cable Drive Principles – written
  6. Timing Belts – written
  7. Cable Drives – written
  8. Special Belt/Cable Drives – written, 80% illustrated
  9. Delta Principles – written, 80% illustrated

It’s shaping up to be about the same length as Volume 1, which is around 80,000 words / 350 pages.

After technical review comment resolution, my publisher will do layout. Then a couple rounds of proofreading and final edits, and publishing.

At this point, I don’t expect to have a sale or proof copies of Volume 2 at Midwest RepRap Fest this year, but a spiral-bound layout draft might happen! We are greatly streamlining tech review and layout with lessons learned from Volume 1. So we’ll see.

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